Kunsangar North, July 24-28, 2015

Retreat with Choegyal Namkhai Norbu

Kunzang Monlam (Prayer of Kuntuzangpo)

About retreat

Hereafter, whenever a powerful practitioner,
from undeluded naturally luminous awareness
recites this powerful prayer,
all sentient beings who hear it
will attain enlightenment within three lifetimes.
Kunzang Monlam

Teaching: Kunzang Monlam (Prayer of Kuntuzangpo)

Prayer of Kuntuzangpo (Tib. ཀུན་བཟང་སྨོན་ལམ་, Kunzang Mönlam; Wyl. kun bzang smon lam) — a famous Dzogchen aspiration prayer from the Gongpa Zangthal. It is to be recited especially during a solar or lunar eclipse, an earthquake or at the solstices.

This aspiration prayer comes from the Dzogchen tantra called the Tantra of the Great Perfection which Shows the Penetrating Wisdom of Samantabhadra. In Tibetan, the short title of this tantra is Gongpa Zangthal Gyi Gyü, which means “The Tantra of Penetrating Wisdom” or “The Tantra of Transcendent Intention.”

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